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Catalogue Classification Title of Folder Dates Covered Size of Folder Link to Archive Sheet
EVENTS EV -AA-001-999
Welcome home for service personnel after First World War 1919 1 Leaflet Welcome Home after WW1 EV-WH-001
Pantomime Snow White 1940 3 Pages Pantomime Snow White EV-SW-001
Festival of Britain 1951 8 Pages Festival of Britain EV-FB-001-5
Coronation of Elizabeth II 1953 1 Page Coronation of Elizabeth 11 EV-CO-001
Stapleford Millennium 1970-71 12 Items Stapleford Millennium EV-SM-001-12
Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11 1977 5 documents Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11 EV-SJ-001-5
Osborne House and Heffer family tree 1691 – 1988 about 50 Pages Osborne House and Heffer Family Tree FA-HC-001;
British Legion 1925-2000 50 pages British Legion GS-BL-021
British Legion 1921-1983 5 pages British Legion GS-BL-022
British Legion 1967 2 pages British Legion GS-BL-023
Girl Guides 1924, 1932, 1933, 1956-1985  8 pages Girl Guides GS-GU-001-6
Red Cross 1914-18 and 1939-45 1 page Red Cross GS-RC-001
Stapleford Women’s Institute c 1936 4 documents Stapleford Women’s Institute GS-WI-001
HOUSES HO-AA-001-999
Osbourne House 1812-1937 9 pages Osbourne House HO-OB-001-004;
Sunnyside House 1872-1927 2 pages Sunnyside HO-SY-001
Police station at Peel House c 1940 1 page Police Station at Peel House LP-AA-004
Extract from an old overseers account book of the parish of Stapleford 1754-58, 1769



16 sheets


Account Book of Parish of Stapleford LP-AA-001-003
Memories of Marjory Reynolds, housemaid at Gog Magog House, Wandlebury 1929-2009  3 pages  Memories of Marjory Reynolds ME-MR-001
Memoir by Shirley Chambers, wartime evacuee 1938-1940 8 pages  Memoir By Shirley Chambers ME-SC-001
Photograph of wedding of Jesse Huckle and Alice Ransom 1907 1 Photo  Wedding of Jesse Huckle and Alice Ransom
Photo of village pump and residents c1929 1 page Photo of Village Pump and Residents PP-VL-001
Aerial photo of Stapleford c 1955 1 page Photo of Village Pump and Residents PP-VL-002
Stapleford Views 1999 1 Page Stapleford Views PP-VL-004
Stapleford Windmill c 1930 2 Pages Stapleford Windmill – PP-VL-005
Gog Magog Way 1953 1 Page Gog Magog Way – Photo – PP-VL-006
Photograph of Folk Dancers 1935 1 Photo Photograph of Folk Dancers PP-PL-002
Dick Howard with ‘Tom’ 1957 1 Photo Photo – Dick Howard with ‘Tom’ PP-PL-003
Pargetted plaque 1955 1 Photo Photo-Pargetted Plaque PP-VL-007
Dove Cottage 1954 1 Photo Dove Cottage – Photo – PP-VL-008
Traction Engine, London Road 1965 1 Photo  Traction Engine, London Road
The Tree public house closed February 1963 1 Photo  The Tree Public House
Schools in Stapleford 1783-1978 4 pages Schools in Stapleford SC-AA-001
Stapleford School – history during World War II 1939 – 1945 1 Page Stapleford School SC-AA-002
National School – plan and photo 1847 2 pages National School SC-NS-001
WILLS WL-AA-001-999  Will -Robert Banes  1612  7 pages  Will-Robert Banes WL-BA-001-2
Inventory of Rev Samuel Smith 1648 – 1683 2 sheets Inventory – Rev Samuel Smith WL-SS-001
Inventory – Robert Tabrum 1715 4 pages Inventory-Robert Tabrum WL-TB-001-2
Will -Mary Tapfield 1854 1 page Will-Mary Tapfield WL-MT-001
Will – Henry Taylor,  Vicar of Stapleford  1660 4 pages  Will – Henry Taylor WL-TA-001
Will -Robert Willis, millwright 1832 4 pages  Will- Robert Willis  WL-RW-001
Inventory of Henry Wilton, yeoman of Stapleford 1739  3 pages  Inventory of Henry Wilton WL-HW-001
Will – John Winterflood 1718 9 pages Will – John Winterflood WL-WI-001
WORLD WAR 1 WW1-AA-001-999
Memento recording gallantry of Charles E Speed 1917 1 Item and 2 copies Memento Regarding Gallantry of Charles E Speed WW1-SP-001
WORLD WAR 11 WW-AA-001-999
Memories of the Second World War 1939-45 5 Pages Memories of the Second World War WW-AA-001
Home Guard manoeuvre orders 22 July – 7 August 1942 2 Pages Home Guard Manouvre Orders 1942  WW-AA-002
Home Guard photo 1940-45 6 Pages Home Guard WW-HG-001-6