Stapleford History Society Policy for Handling Personal Information

Policy for handling personal information
1. Stapleford History Society holds and uses personal information about members and other contacts for the purpose of providing and enhancing the services and benefits associated with the Society’s activities.
2. For members, the basic information we hold is name and e-mail address: without this information, membership is not a viable proposition. In some cases we may also hold other contact details: postal address, telephone number. For members who pay their subscription by standing order, we also hold the relevant banking information.
3.The Society does not share this information with other organisations. In e-mail communications to the membership, the “blind copy” facility is used so that members’ e-mail addresses are not disclosed to each other. Occasionally, however, when the Society facilitates the formation of a group for a related purpose such as a visit or a project, the e-mail addresses of members of that group may be disclosed to the other members of the group, so as to facilitate communication between participants in the group.
4. In addition, the Society holds information about people who are not members, but who have been in contact with the Society previously: for example, people who have participated in Society groups, visits or projects, and former members. The information held is name and e-mail address, plus in some cases postal address and telephone number. This information is used to send occasional messages about the Society’s activities, for the purpose of promoting awareness and recruitment. As in paragraph 3 above, contacts’ e-mail addresses are not mutually visible, except where groups are formed that include a mix of members and non- members. Contact information for non-members is retained up to the end of the calendar year after the last contact, or after the end of the project or group in which they were participating.
5. The Society also holds contact information about people from whom we may seek to procure services: the main examples are speakers for our talks, and people who manage bookings at venues that we use and places that we visit. This information is not shared with other organisations, except occasionally with other local history societies and similar for purposes such as help with finding a speaker.
6. The General Data Protection Regulation requires that we state the legal basis for the Society to handle personal information as set out here. In the language of the Regulation, this is contract in relation to members (paragraph 2 above); legitimate interests in relation to suppliers (paragraph 5); while in relation to non-members (paragraph 4), the Society is required to obtain the individual’s consent.
 7.This information is managed by the Society’s Secretary. The Treasurer also holds a list of members to identify paid and outstanding subscriptions, and banking details as in paragraph 2 above. To check or update the information held, or ask for changes (eg to be removed from the list), contact the Secretary via the Society’s web-
1 July 2018