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The Society was contacted, via the webmail address, by Simon Edwards who was researching the buildings of his great grandfather, the Edwardian architect Horace Field.  He designed two houses for Cambridge University Physiologists in Great Shelford/Stapleford: 

  1. 1892 – The Uplands, Hinton Way for W.H.Gaskell, which is now a derelict ruin following a fire around 1990
  2. Around 1900 – a house for Hugh K Anderson which I think was called “Fox Hill” and may have been close to The Uplands on the Clarke Hill side of Hinton Way, or on the other side of the road nearer Middlefield.

The house currently called Fox Hill is, apparently, not the same as the one currently with the same name according to local contacts made by Simon.

Evidence found suggests that the 1900 design by his great grandfather was never built.  At that time Hugh Anderson was renting Whitefield and commissioned designs for a house to be built on the site of the current Fox Hill, but decided to continue renting, rather than build a house at that time.  He seems to have built Fox Hill later, but to the design of another architect.

 So it seems certain that the only house his great grandfather, Horace Field, designed in the area was The Uplands.  There were three large houses on that side of the road, Cleramendi, Whitefield and The Uplands, of which only a house on the site of Cleramendi (now called Beechwood) exists.

Simon provided links to articles relating to these buildings and can be accessed below.