Welcome to the Website of the History Society, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire

Stapleford resident Shaun Levitt has provided this photo of aircraft over Stapleford in 1944. The planes are B-17  Flying Fortress bombers that were based at RAF Ridgewell in Essex. Below you can see Stapleford as it was before the housing development of the 1950s and 60s. You can also see the tank trap running diagonally across Haverhill Road and up towards Hinton Way.

On Tuesday 22nd May more than 30 people attended a meeting in the community room in Cox’s Close to share memories and photographs of past events in the village. Margaret French, in particular, brought a collection of photographs she has taken since she came to live here over 40 years ago and and older photos she has collected during many visits to car boot sales and second hand shops. we were able to look at her albums and also a lot of loose photos displayed on a table.

Rob Ransome also brought some black and white photos given to him by a descendant of William Collier who had once owned Vine Farm where Rob lives, Greenhedges Farm and a large number of cottages and other properties in the village which were auctioned after his death in 1936.

We are very grateful to the ladies who run the Village Cafe. They provided an excellent selection of cake to accompany the tea and coffee which all helped to make this a wonderful social occasion with the opportunity to discuss past events such as the Village Show which once included a parade of floats decorated by village societies. There were also photos of plays put on by the Umbrella Drama Society.

It is our aim to scan many of these old photos and put them on the History Society’s website but this is a slow process. Helen and Geoff Hale only managed to scan 16 photos in the time available. A quicker process would be for people with photos stored on their computers to email them to Jim Foreman our webmaster but more information will be given about this as we don’t wish to clog his computer with dozens of large emails.

Keith Dixon