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Pantomime Snow White

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3 pages

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Photocopy of photograph and manuscript key

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The Matthews family

Subject Material

A cast photo from a performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Institute in 1940, with a key identifying many of the performers

References to Names

Jack Barton

Basil Beavis

Kathleen Beavis

Maurice Beavis

Doreen Belsey

Gita Bradford

Jean Bradford

Joan Bradford

Ken Dean

Joan Flack

Elsie Jennings

Audrey Layton

Bernard Layton

Margaret Leach

Mary Leach

Isobel Matthews

John Matthews

Stella Matthews

Hector Nayler

Joyce Norman

Vera Norman

Eileen Pryor

Jean Pryor

Audry Rider

Barbara Smith

Rachel Smith

William Stallan

Chris Willis

Dorothy Woodhouse


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