Folder Title

Schools in Stapleford

Dates covered by subject material

1783 – 1978

Size of Folder

4 pages

Content contains Originals / Photocopies / Transcripts / Notes

Typescript and photocopy of memoir

Where originals are if not included

Not recorded

Subject Material

Historical notes by Alan Bullwinkle on schooling in Stapleford (2 pages), and photocopy of memoir by Reuben Heffer of his schooldays, written 1923

References to Names

Henry Apted, schoolmaster (1883)

W Baker

Miss Beckley, schoolmistress

Jabez Cadge, schoolmaster (1881)

Thomas Challis, attendance officer

Dr William Collier

Rev C H T W Daw, vicar

Elizabeth Dicker, schoolmistress (1851)

W H Dicker, schoolmaster (1851)

Mrs W E Ford, schoolmistress (1922)

Mrs Gertrude Foster, schoolmistress (1916)

Lady Godolphin

Francis Ronald Harris, schoolmaster (1891)

Rev R Hawthorn

W S Heffer

Fanny Georgina, duchess of Leeds

Mrs Hannah Mary Loveday, schoolmistress (1879)

Lady Osborn

W S Shreeve

Mr John Sneath, schoolmaster