Folder Title

Extracts from an old overseers’ account book of the parish of Stapleford

Dates covered by subject material

1754-58, 1769, 1795-98

Size of Folder

16 sheets

Content contains Originals / Photocopies / Transcripts / Notes

Photocopies of a transcript made in 1876 of sections from the account book of the parish overseers of the poor

Where originals are if not included

Cambridgeshire Archives: P144/12/6

Subject Material

Records of payments and support in kind to Stapleford residents for various purposes: for the poor, payments of rent, for clothes, for coal; to various people for killing vermin; to the parish constables and the overseers for their expenses; also calculations relating to overall budget and to levying of rates to meet needs

References to Names

Many beneficiaries named; also successive constables, overseers, and others occasionally involved such as doctors

References to Places

Some references to visits to Cambridge, and to nearby villages, in connection with these responsibilities.