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Memories of Marjorie Reynolds, housemaid at Gog Magog House, Wandlebury

Dates covered by subject material

1929 – 2009

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3 pages

Content contains Originals / Photocopies / Transcripts / Notes

Printed extract from Stapleford Messenger, December 2009, with annotations

Where originals are if not included


Subject Material

Recollections of the household from 1929 to the 1950s

References to Names

Stanley Baldwin

Jimmy Barton (shepherd)

Miss Carter (cook)

Charlie (footman)

Miss Cubit (lady’s maid)

George Dean (gardener)

Betty Gray

Harold Gray

Millie Gray

Rowena Gray

Terrence Gray

Cyril Hall (gardener)

Alf Hoskisson (gardener)

Gordon Howe (under groom)

Mr Jarrett (coachman / chauffeur)

Albert Jennings (gardener)

Charlie Jennings (gardener)

Mr Johnson (head groom)

Miss Linwood (housemaid)

Mona Little (kitchen maid)

Lewis Matlock (head gardener)