Folder Title

Stapleford Women’s Institute

Dates covered by subject material

 c 1936

Size of Folder

4 documents

Content contains Originals / Photocopies / Transcripts / Notes

 Photocopy, notes, drawing, key

Where originals are if not included

 Gita Challis had an original of the photograph

Subject Material

 Photograph of WI event, key to names, list of names, notes, Stapleford Women’s Institute.

References to Names

Mrs Amos

Mrs Barker (mother of Ida Barker)

Mrs Barton

Jimmy Barton

Alice Beavis (mother of Maurice Beavis)

Sissy Belin

Mrs E. Bidwell

Hilda Bradford

Isobel Mary Bradford

Nancy Burman

Mrs Butcher (mother of Tiny Butcher)

Miss Tiny Butcher

Mrs A. Challis

Bertrude Challis

Gita Challis

Mrs Court

Mrs Cox

Mrs Dean (mother of Ken Dean)

Mrs Dockerell

Mrs Ecclestone

Jimmy Fordham

Mrs French